Welcome to Petography Magazine.

Why Petography?

Well, along with most other people in the world, I enjoy pets. Photography is, and for over fifty years has been, a passion of mine. If Shakespeare and others can make up words, then why can’t I? So, Petography is my succinct way of combining a passion for both pets and photography.

My name is Ian McKenzie and clicking on my name will take you to the About Us page on this site where you can learn more about us. ( I really mean, about me, but “us” doesn’t sound as self-centred as “me”)

Petography Magazine is published bi-monthly and the magazine is available as both an instantly down-loadable flip page e-book or as a paperback. You can view or purchase copies of the magazine by clicking on the Current Issues tab.

All photographs in the first four issues of Petography Magazine have been taken by Ian McKenzie, and these photographs are of people and their pets living in the south east corner of the state of Queensland, Australia. However, this is not a requirement for all future editions. You are invited to submit photos and stories for future issues of the magazine, Details are on the Submissions page of this site.


Petography Magazine

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