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    Walking Jia Yang

    Dear Friendship and Colleagues:


    Ten years ago when Jiayang was established, it was only a small forging plant with several people and its annual output was merely hundreds of tons of forgings. At present time Jiayang Heavy Industry has developed as a large forging plant with annual output of 30,000 tons of forgings by its machining capacity and its employees amount to more than 140 people, including more than 20 undergraduates and 10 technical members with middle or senior level. Currently Jiayang takes its leadership in the forging trade in Liaoning Region.

    Such achievements make us feel proud, however what makes us more proud is the pursuit, dream and promise, to which we have been sticking to and working for. That is the business dream for people in Jiayang, a mission for an enterprise as Jiayang, also the essentials for our great cause.

    Owing to this pursuit, we unit together and work during our journey as one for management innovation, technology innovation and we are always bold to take our social responsibility to strive for our enterprise vision as a heavy industry enterprise “taking its leadership in its trade progress, highly respected by the society and felt honored by its employees”.

    Owing to this dream, we dedicated ourselves during our journey to the concept of “safety, high quality, high efficiency, pragmatism, harmony, honesty, struggle and innovation”, and aiming at the professional benchmark, we advance steady and continue to surpass with the practical attitude and energetic mentality for challenges, with the confidence of undefeated spirit, with the courage of undauntedness by all setbacks and with the dash of vigorous pioneering spirit.

    Owing to this promise, we devoted ourselves during our journey to the such value as “ honesty, regulation, teamwork and mutual benefits” and we stick to such management philosophy as “benefiting others means benefiting ourselves for sustainable business”, “respecting people, training people, encouraging people and enabling people to succeed”and along with “client priority and careful management”. We will never be sluggish, and admittedly we not only win the full support and help from the local government and all social circles, but also we win the trust from our clients and suppliers, the esteem and praise from the same trade, and we win the friendly encouragement and well-meaning criticism from numerous enthusiastic people.

    All has passed and after the farewell to a development phase, Jiayang stands at a new historical development start once again. It is predicated that greater challenges are waiting for us in the future, but we believe that with the faith of “fulfilling the business dream for Jiayang members” we will achieve more to make Jiayang products and service be with you all the while. We wish you prosperous with Jiayang.

    Jiayang Heavy Industry forging is for the establishment of Jiayang brand. Let us work together for the fulfillment of our dream.

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